October, 2012

Hair Loss – Top Five Herbal Remedies

Your hair is your crowning glory; any damage to it results in a loss of self-confidence and a feeling of unattractiveness. There are a lot of commercial as well as medicated products available in our market to combat hair fall. But the truth is that most of these do not work and also end up causing more harm to the hair because of the undesirable chemicals present in it.

Here are the top five herbal remedies that can help you address hair loss;

Aloe Vera – Used by the natives, this plant has a range of health benefits, one of which is to prevent hair fall and make it thick, shiny and beautiful. Rub a little aloe Vera gel onto your scalp every day night and if necessary, wash it off in the morning. Research studies have shown that this plant contains superoxide dismutane and can also boost the level of nitric oxide in the body, both of which can stimulate hair growth and also cure male alopecia.

Green Tea – This Chinese tea has proven to be quite remarkable in its action against male pattern baldness and hair loss. You can either take it in the tea form or consume it as tablets. Catechins present in green tea has an inhibitory action on the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase which is the culprit involved in the formation of DHT.

Bell Pepper – Take the flesh of the red pepper and apply this directly to the scalp. This helps in the release of histamines which in turn stimulates the supply of blood and nutrients to the scalp there by promoting hair growth.

Dong Quai – Another Chinese traditional medicine, Dong Quai is also known as Angelica. This herb is especially recommended for use in women and contains phytoestrogens which is very beneficial in boosting hair growth and also addressing alopecia.

Nettle Root – In Chinese medicine, nettle root is often used in combination with Saw Palmetto. If you cannot get the herb as such, buy these in the capsule form from Chinese stores. Mix the oils together and then apply on the scalp. These herbs help in inhibiting the action of DHT which is the main causative factor of male pattern baldness. A word of caution though; it is not recommended for use in pregnant and nursing mothers.

So if you are looking for a healthy way to regain back your beautiful hair and combat hair loss, then try out these herbal remedies at the earliest.

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Prevent Your Thinning Hair and Baldness

Thinning hair and balding scalps are very serious problems for most men in our culture. Even women experience difficulties with thinning hair. The physical problems can happen to a person at just about any stage of his or her life. However, men over the age of 35 are usually affected the most. Thankfully, there are a few handy techniques to keep your hair growing thick and easily stop it from falling off of your scalp.

The most obvious tip to prevent hair from thinning and falling out is to consume a smart diet. Watching everything that you eat and drink will add strength to your hair. Make sure to get plenty of fresh fruit, veggies and whole-grains to add durability to your hair, as well as the rest of your body. Also, the fiber-filled product Biotin that is found in brown rice puts up a healthy fight against hair loss and thinning hair.

The protein found in skinless chicken, fish and lean red meat is fabulous for your hair. You can also start drinking soy milk to get plenty of proteins. Soy milk helps oxygen to be transported all around your body, feeding all of your cells. This process is essential for the body to repair its own muscles and tissues. Try drinking some soy milk for breakfast. Perhaps you can even pour some soy milk over your cereal. Besides soy milk, you should drink approximately 7 glasses of water a day to keep the skin on top of your head fully hydrated. You should cut back on fattening fried foods and anything loaded with too much sugar or salt.

Besides beneficial foods and drinks, consuming vitamins can always help your fight against thinning hair and baldness. Vitamin C, for example, works to strengthen hair follicles. If you do not get the proper amount of these vitamins into your system, you are denying your body some of the most essential nutrients that keep it healthy and attractive.

Depending on the right shampoo can make a huge difference when it comes to the top of your head. Remember to always look for products developed for your specific type of hair. It may take a bit of trial and error to find a shampoo that works well with your body, but its well worth it. Also, price tags are often deceiving. Just because a shampoo from a department store is costly, it may not be any for your hair better than an inexpensive bottle from the grocery store. Meanwhile, artificial coloring and perms are never good for your hair. There are simply too many chemicals that can cause harm to your scalp.

A proven technique that helps thousands of men and women to grow thicker hair and eventually prevents baldness is beneficial human growth hormone injections, as well as testosterone therapy. The tonic effect of HGH and testosterone injections can subtract decades from individuals appearances. Hair also gains color and strength. There are zero side-effects associated with the anti-baldness treatments. Meanwhile, you should always be careful not to purchase ineffective HGH or testosterone pills, patches or sprays. Also, never buy either HGH Injections or injections of testosterone from overseas. Foreign nation do not have our Food and Drug Administration to ensure your safety. After all, you never want to throw away your hard-earned money on a useless injections of sugar from China. However, once you find a trustworthy source to acquire 100 percent safe and legal HGH Injections and injections of testosterone you too can begin looking and feeling like a kid again.

When I was a kid in Kansas City Missouri, my older brother and I always made fun of my dad and his balding head. However, now that I am 39-years-old and starting lose my hair, the jokes are not so funny. I thought about wearing a hat all day, but I could never get away with that trick at work. Who would I be fooling? I needed to stop the balding in its tracks and add thickness to the few hairs that I still had left. As a result, I decided to see my doctor and get his opinion. Fortunately for me, he knew exactly what he was doing when he prescribed me HGH Injections, as well as injections of testosterone to get back the head of hair I had been dreaming of for many years.

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Body Hair Transplantation

Body hair transplantation (BHT) has risen from the dust of the heavily flawed and antiquated hair transplant methods of the past. In the 1950’s, the first punch grafts were performed. They were 4mm round excisions that left behind several scars of the same size and shape in the donor area and created a “pluggy” look to the restored area. After that came mini- and micro-grafts, and then strip surgery. But hair restoration technology has continued to develop. We have taken leaps and bounds over the decades, and now look to body hair transplantation as today’s newest, best, and most widely beneficial technique so far.

The Development of Body Hair Transplantation

Body hair transplantation, also called body-hair-to-head transplant, first came about in the 1909’s. However, until less than ten years ago, it was still in its very primitive stages. The most rewarding aspect of this technology is that it renders the pool of donor hair virtually limitless by incorporating non-head hair. Older techniques, strip surgery, even FUE using head hair only, are restricted as to the amount of donor hair that can be used. For those individuals with advanced androgenic alopecia, scarring that has caused baldness, or disfigurement from previously botched surgeries, head hair only is not enough to provide total coverage across the scalp. Many of these sufferers have been turned away as “poor candidates” from clinics not adept at employing BHT.

BHT surgeons are hard to come by due to the fact that they must be extremely advanced in their practice, and because body hair transplantation is a long and laborious procedure.

How Does Body Hair Transplantation Work?

Body hair transplantation uses an advanced form of follicular unit extraction, or FUE. Just as with FUE, BHT harvests donor hairs one by one, in follicular units (natural groupings of one to four hairs). Donor hair can be derived from the beard, chest, stomach, arms, or legs. These hairs are carefully selected and excised, usually using a handheld device that can be manual or powered. The tiny.8 to 1.2mm incisions are small enough that they do not require stitching, and heal such that scarring is negligible. Once the follicles are extracted, they are retained in a holding solution until the time of implantation into the recipient area. Thousands of tiny slits are made in the bald area, where these follicles find their new home. Most patients will see full growth and thickness of the new hair at approximately 18 months.

Other Benefits to Body Hair Transplantation

Besides its unique ability to service the severely bald, body hair transplantation is beneficial for other reasons, too.

BHT means that there should always be a donor pool, should future surgeries be required.

BHT allows for a wider choice of follicle type. For example, the fineness of leg hair is great for a natural-looking hairline, while beard or chest hair have a nice coarseness for filling the vertex of the scalp.

BHT requires an advanced FUE surgeon, using only his expertise and steady hands rather than a robotic FUE device (which are becoming popular, but can be flawed). Thus, you’ll know you are in the best hands.

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Natural Hair Products are Safe for Hair and Scalp

Beautiful hair are considered God’s gift but in reality, it’s people who are responsible for the upkeep of their hair. People of all ages especially the female population is very sensitive towards the maintenance of their hair but little do they know that the shampoo and conditioner they are using are harmful for them. Surprising but true that even the branded companies use chemical additives, petroleum and artificial preservatives, colors and fragrances. It is true that chemicals clean the hair completely and it is also true that they also rob hair of nutrients. The time has come to switch to natural hair products with no chemical additives and eliminate the exposure to toxins.

Nature has gifted us many herbs, fruits and seeds that contain vital nutrients for hair. Natural products are made up of plant extracts and natural oils that nourish hair and the scalp. These products smell sweet and they don’t cause any side effects like the ones people feel after using chemical rich shampoos or conditioners. Ordinary shampoo may cause burning sensations and allergic reactions in your head and hands due to chemical reaction. But a natural shampoo is safe both for your head and hands. Every time you use a natural shampoo or conditioner, you nourish your hair and head.

If you can prevent your them from direct sunlight, dirt, dust and grime, then you won’t require much cleaning them. Experts advise to wash them only one or three times in a week depending on your hair type. In their opinion, regular washing can take away natural oil and minerals from the hair. They are right in their opinion but people guided by advertisements wash these important parts of the body regularly. Ideally one should cover one’s head when going out and use only natural hair products when washing them. By covering your head, you can prevent hair loss due to sunlight and dry air. And with natural products, you can make sure that these most sensitive parts of the body get proper nutrition.

Natural hair products are 100% safe for people of all ages and there is no harm in washing the hair of toddlers and kids with these natural products. Regular use of these products will prevent them from falling and premature graying which is a common problem among adult women. With these products, there won’t be itching or irritation on your scalp. The main feature of these products is that they supplement hair and the scalp with tons of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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