Gray Hair

Fighting With Your Gray Hair

One thing that happens to signify that we are not as young as we use to be is when we suddenly notice that we have a gray hair. Where there is one, there are going to be others. Though most people start to gray just a bit in their thirties and are mostly gray by their fifties or sixties, there are some that have graying hair at a very young age. There are actually far less gray haired people in the world today, but not because we have learned to avoid it. We have just learned to love dying our hair, and we do it often.

Though it has not always been that way, almost all dyes for hair you can find in the stores and online are good for gray hair coverage. If you have any type of gray in your hair, any dye that you buy is going to cover it for you, at least until your roots start to grow in. For some, that can be as soon as two weeks after they have dyed their gray hair. Because it is unsafe and unhealthy for your hair to dye it every two weeks, you have to then choose a root dye so that you are only dying the new hair that has come in gray. That should help you stay colored, but it can be a pain to keep up.

Gray hair can sometimes blend in with other hair colors and look better than an all over dye job. Gray can have a shimmer to it, though not all grays do, but if you like that, it can add some sparkle to your hair if you leave it in small amounts. If you have a lighter hair color, you could add some blond highlights to cover some of the gray, and the rest will blend in nicely. Not only will you not look old, you will have a unique look to your hair that not all people can achieve. You also save yourself from a boring, flat hair dye job that you can get from some brands.

Men do not have to worry about gray hair as much as women, though some of them do. The sad fact is that gray will actually lend itself to making a man look more distinguished and even more handsome whereas it does not seem to do the same for women. Men can blend away their gray hair if they wish, or they can blend away just some of it for a salt and pepper look or a small graying near the ears. Gray is different between men and women, meaning that men don’t have to worry as much about what gray means to their overall allure, so to speak.

Some people simply have to accept that they have gray hair and they have it at a young age. Some get it as young as 16 or 18 years old. They learn at a young age to either live with it or they learn how to take care of it. Some younger folks like the novelty of having a full head of gray hair at a young age, and they allow it to go natural. At this age, the hair is often flowing and healthy, which gives it a nice look. If you start to gray very early, consider going with it, at least for a few years, and you can really stand out in a crowd.

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