Vitamins And Hair Growth

There are many causes that lead to baldness (alopecia) and hair loss: illness, some medications, poor nutrition, dieting, stress, and the leading cause is simply heredity. Hair is a very important part of your body. Even the Bible says that hair is a woman’s crowning glory. For men, it can be vital to their self-esteem. It protects the skin and scalp from the sun by absorbing harmful rays and prevents water from entering the skin by evaporating sweat.

The blood source that supplies daily nutrients to your hair follicles decreases as you get older. You would either need to increase your vitamins, minerals, nutrients and your amino acids in order to nourish the follicle or increase the blood flow to the follicle. The real key to having healthy hair is having a healthy scalp.

Nourishing your body inside out with the proper vitamins is a very important part of hair remedies for hair growth. They should be included in your daily diet because the lack of those important vitamins and minerals will lead to your greatest fear … baldness and hair loss.

Discuss with your physician any hair loss, thinning or balding issues in order to find out if there are any underlying medical issues. If the cause is hereditary, however, there is no evidence that taking any kind of vitamins might be of help.

Considering Biotin is an excellent vitamin to help hair growth choice to consider in any case, but again, see your physician first. As a B-complex vitamin, Biotin is sometimes referred as vitamin H, and some people consider it a magic potion. Biotin is important for cell growth, may even be good for maintaining your blood sugar (which is very important for diabetics whether insulin or non-insulin dependent), it transfers carbon dioxide into your system, and it produces fatty acids and metabolizes fat and amino acids. Our bodies are able to take in high doses of Biotin without any adverse reactions. How much biotin for hair growth should be discussed with your physician. A deficiency in Biotin is manifested as hair loss, dermatitis around the nose, mouth, eyes and genital area. It can be corrected with supplements. Depression, exhaustion, lack of sensation and tingling in the extremities can be some neurological symptoms. If you have suffered from a lack of biotin, it can be very effective as many have reported great success in using this vitamin. It helps in the overall health of hair.

It is a fact that although the idea of taking vitamins may sound simple, they do so much more than any hair growth shampoo and conditioning treatment in promoting healthy hair. If hair grows too slowly or if hair is thinning slowly, vitamins can be helpful in addressing those concerns. Of course a good shampoo and conditioning treatment is important, but use in conjunction with the vitamins. They, especially Biotin, are some of the best remedies for hair loss available if you desire to bring your hair back or improve hair to a healthy condition. Vitamins nourish your hair from within so it more beautiful on the outside. Finding the right vitamins for you is similar to finding the right medication for other medical ailments.

Some of the most essential vitamins that help hair growth and maximize hair health:

• Folic acid which permit good blood flow to the scalp and cell development
• Pantothenic acid stops the loss and helps to regrow by stimulating vitamin consumption
• Biotin utilizes other vitamins in your body by promoting cell development thereby preventing hair loss and even the premature gray hairs.
• Inositol simply keeps your cell membranes happy and healthy

Choosing the right vitamins can be confusing because there are so many to choose from. However, if you are serious about proper hair growth and hair health, you really need to know the what, the how much, and where to find the vitamins that you need. Overdosing can do more harm than good so please consult with your physician.


You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to hair care advice from your doctor or other salon professional.

If you have any specific questions about any hair care matter you should consult your doctor or other salon professional.

If you think you may be suffering from any hair care condition you should seek immediately professional attention.

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