November, 2011

The Hair Loss Industry From a Hair Loss Consultant’s Point of View

Meeting someone new the other day prompted the usual question about what I do for a living. I knew exactly what the follow up question would be, when I mentioned I was a hair loss consultant, because it’s always the same. “Does that really work?”It’s a valid question for someone to ask. It does however indicate how little is known about this industry that has been around for decades. Often the ensuring conversation reinforces that what the public does know, is not all that positive. From my experience the general public perception seems to put hair loss consultants slightly higher on the credibility scale than car salesmen – not too flattering but it is somewhat understandable.After speaking with clients and having experienced consultations with unknowing hair loss studios, I have had firsthand experience of some of the tactics used to make a sale. I’m sure this is where a lot of the negativity surrounding the industry is initiated.

The position of a hair loss consultant is mainly seen as a sales position by employers and so that, and the fact that earnings are predominately sales based, can change the focus from a consultation about a personal issue and it’s causes and treatment, to a situation where the key objective becomes the sale with the client needs being secondary. It also comes about because there is no code of conduct for the profession at all. Shonky hair loss studio’s stories are well covered in the media with very little if any publicity being given to the credible clinics and the good work they can do.

The truth is consultancy really is a profession. Clients come to the consultant needing reassurance about a medical issue that can be life changing for them. The impact of hair loss from either Androgenetic Alopecia or illness should never be underestimated. So with the consultants position comes the responsibility to make a correct diagnosis and offer the client the answers they are hoping for.

As with all cosmetic industries, which is where the hair loss seems to fit even though some are medical clinics, profits can be lucrative. This opens the door to anyone without any medical background or reputable technical training being able to promote hair regrowth products. What is little known is that the causes of hair loss are medically based, but because the general public are unaware of that fact, it’s easy to be lured into misinformation and deception if you don’t do your homework.

This in its self can be problematic because the majority of male clients will not talk about having hair issues to anyone – so getting first hand feedback on a hair loss programs and results can be difficult. It’s definitely secret men’s business because there appears to be a stigma attached to men who care about their appearance. To do so debunks the male gender persona of being rough, tough and buff!

It is pleasing to see however that Gen Y males are starting to change the trend and recognise that caring about how you look and feel is OK and good for self-esteem. This is why the majority of males wanting information on hair regrowth are much younger than most would expect the age demographic of a hair loss client to be.

Regardless of age however the expectations for results are usually the same. The difficult thing about the diagnosis is that whilst results can be good if a creditable program is followed correctly, there is no way of predicting exactly what they will be for each individual. Often the client may be expecting the impossible, and this is where it’s up to the consultant to be as honest as possible about what they see as a good result. If a consultant exaggerates results then it will come back to bite them through lost business or an irate client. So whilst a sale has been made an unhappy client can do more damage than the best advertising can repair.

Some responsibility does lay with clients though. There are clients who have achieved excellent results that never seem to be satisfied. A good understanding of what is desired and what is achievable needs to be communicated well by both parties’ at the time of the initial consultation or once again the industry’s reputation goes under scrutiny.

That’s where the training of the consultant comes into play. As with any business based around sales of a product the information given to training consultants will always be that our product and the way we do things is better than the competition. From my experience training frequently comes from other consultants – who may even be the one being replaced, to share their knowledge about hair loss. Depending on the employer once again the emphasis may be on the sale not the actual technical knowledge and process of regrowing hair.

Consultants need correct training and access to credible up to date technical information that is backed up by someone with experience in the field so working in a clinic that has a resident doctor available for advice is a real bonus. Understanding all facets of the industry is necessary to be able to advise clients accurately about all choices available to them. Often clients want to discuss hair transplants at their first ever consultation. This is simply because they believe that this is the only option available to them, so having an understanding of all options available, even if this is not a service your clinic offers should be standard.

What often distinguishes the standard of clinics is the follow up service that is offered. A reputable clinic will be in regular contact with the client to make sure routines are established with the products and that the client is feeling supported. Service should be offered for the length of the program with measurable results being the desired result.

So with a lot of negativity surrounding the industry what does the future hold? The time is here for those in the industry to lift their game and work at improving their reputation through their own practices. Long established clinics should be focusing less on the bottom line and more on building trust and improving their image.

It is a valuable medically based industry in respect of what it offers for those who are looking for the answer to their hair loss problems and one that will continue to grow. So let’s strive to be respected for what a difference hair regrowth can make to our clients lives – not what we can sell them.

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How to Grow and Maintain Hair Faster Than Ever

Lately, people today are able to visit the net and look through a variety of numerous strategies that can be used for the issue of the loss of hair and bad growth of hair. In spite of this a lot of the sites which supposedly are delivering the tricks and tips for folks to learn the right way to grow hair quicker are basically selling some product or the other. Therefore organizations which work with hair scalp massaging lotions and creams definitely will talk about the significance of massaging and those that take care of diet supplement tablets will probably converse about the significance of following a right nutritionary pattern accompanied with the consumption of the supplementary products they wish to promote.

While there are plenty of diverse chemical remedies which are already introduced for folks who wish to master how to grow hair more quickly it’s often more effective to go ahead for the all-natural methods of growing hair quicker. Right now there seem to have been lots of individuals who’ve attempted different chemical solutions of trying to develop hair at a much faster rate, on the other hand extremely few of these folks have already been able to actually watch positive final results of following such techniques. Most people who’ve tried to experiment using the use of this kind of merchandise without consulting a specialist have had severe hair loss and scalp connected troubles which can be why specialists suggest that men and women will need to always talk to them prior to commencing the application or consumptions of goods which claim to provide quick hair growth.

There are plenty of distinct procedures which have already been recognized to be able to function very well for increasing the hair growth but which procedure will be suitable for which person is something that only the authorities can suggest. Considering that each human being has a distinct form of scalp, each person calls for distinct therapy and strategies of growing hair at a quicker rate. Those who take place to make an effort to have supplementary pills as well as purchase each company’s cream in order to speed up the process of hair growth without having contacting a professional normally end up having all kinds of skin rashes and also ultimately have main hair loss due to the use of inappropriate chemicals that respond on one’s scalp.

As a way to learn how to grow hair faster, it is usually much better to consult an authority and have him check someone’s scalp and hair structure to ensure that the specialist can recommend the top attainable mixture of scalp lotions and dietary habits which can help people in growing their hair at a much faster rate. Generally it truly is suggested that folks who wish to grow their hair at a faster rate and wish to preserve powerful hair need to consist of spinach and beet root as well as other such vegetables that are rich in iron content.

Considering that everyone’s intake of food and scalp care techniques differ, each person may possibly demand the introduction of distinctive procedures which can help them in learning how to grow hair faster. Although some might need to go in for dietary adjustments the others may possibly should include typical scalp stimulation in their weekly habit based on the sort of deficiency they may possibly have. Therefore, the most effective and safest technique of ensuring that an individual recognizes the best strategy of finding out the best way to grow hair faster is always to consult an expert.

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5 Natural Ways To Achieve Gorgeous, Luxurious Hair

Achieving beautiful hair requires a number of different activities. You have to be careful what substances you put on your hair, you have to be wary of what foods you put into your body, and you have to be extra careful to avoid harmful toxins and dangerous chemicals found in many of today’s beauty products and cosmetics.

If you want gorgeous, luxurious hair, you should follow natural approaches and that’s why in this article I am going to reveal five natural ways you can quickly and easily transform your hair from dull, lifeless and damaged to vibrant, shiny and healthy.

Here they are…

Massage With Some Natural Oils

Oils are a fantastic way to add extra moisture to the hair. Massage natural and essential oils into your scalp and the roots of your hair and notice a huge difference to your hair health. Some of the best oils for hair include coconut oil which clears away dirt and bacteria unblocking the pores and increasing blood flow, olive oil, sweet almond oil, Argan oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil and tea tree oil. There’s also a little know oil called Mira Hair Oil that works wonders for our hair.

Change Your Diet

The foods you consume are one of the most important components of healthy hair. It’s important you get a recommended dosage of vitamins for hair, such as Biotin, vitamin C, Niacin, vitamin E and a number of others.

Moisturize Your Hair

You can keep your hair moisturized using the oils I mentioned above, but for an even more effective moisturizing treatment, try this recipe. Mix ¾ cup of avocado oil, 1/8 cup of sweet almond oil, 8 drops lavender oil, 6 drops of lemongrass oil, 6 drops rosemary oil and 4 drops geranium oil. Mix together, heat gently and apply to the scalp, roots and tips of the hair.

Take Advantage Of These “Butters”

Mango butter, cocoa butter and Shea Butter all have fantastic benefits for our hair. Include these ingredients in your hair treatment recipes and notice a remarkable difference to your hair.

Use A Sea Salt Spray

I’m sure you’ve noticed before just how gorgeous your hair can be after taking a refreshing dip in the ocean. That’s because salt water is fantastic for hair. Try this sea salt spray recipe and notice the difference to your hair. Mix sea salt, coconut oil and distilled water. Add to a spray bottle and spray on your locks.

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Hair Thinning in Females

If perhaps you are in this situation at the moment, you most likely are asking yourself precisely why this is going on with you. You certainly were not expecting it, but you are not alone. This is due to the patterns actually not being identifiable like men’s.

Ladies ought not to be afraid whenever they discover their hair is thinning as it might be due to a particular illness or even pregnancy causing it. When you assess the pattern of men, remember that that a male’s hair starts to thin far sooner compared with a woman. Females begin the process of thinning hair at about 50, or maybe later on. If you really fear that the loss of hair you are suffering is just not normal, you might want to visit a medical specialist to find an early prognosis. It is suggested you see a professional instead of conducting a examination yourself due to the fact that self-diagnosis just isn’t accurate.

As mentioned before women usually do not shed hair like blokes who have hair thinning, as they quite simply have a totally different hair thinning pattern. There are actually various patterns that show as indications of “Androgenetic Alopecia”. If you notice your hair getting thinner at the front and back of the scalp, it may well indicate that you could have Androgenetic Alopecia. Also, if the hair on the whole scalp looks to be thinning, it can be a visible sign of Androgenetic Alopecia. Although usually the women’s pattern starts at about 50, it can possibly start around the late adolescent years towards the early 20’s for women. For this reason you should visit a specialist in order to analyze any thinning.

You will also find that a number of reasons behind hair loss in females is not linked to the hair loss pattern. Examples include:

  • Trichotillomania brought on by hair pulling.
  • Alopecia areata thought to be an autoimmune condition.
  • Triangular alopecia a temporary loss only.
  • Scarring Alopecia scarring of the scalp area.
  • Telogen effluvium associated with drug or stress and hormones

As soon as you begin to notice that your hair is thinning, it is vital for you to comprehend the key reason behind your hair thinning.

If your hair bothers to such an extent that you are avoiding outside social activities, take action now and starting living life to the full again!

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