October, 2014

Prevention: Hair

You shall put from this mixture several times on your head and then wash it with clean water. In this way hair becomes soft and retains its magnetism. Fat is needed for the hair. If you wash it a lot, it becomes dry, electric. If the head is well washed, the skin breathes well, but you will deprive of the warmth and activity of the brain. With the loss of magnetism, human thinking capacity is reduced. Do not wear a hat, through which there is no airing of the head. When you get up in the morning, wet a little your head with warm water, according to the body temperature. Then comb the hair. If you yourself may make a soap, which will be of the best oil, then you may wash your hair more often. Contemporary soaps are not pure. They are made of dead animals. Medicinal clay is preferable to soap. You should not wash your head neither with very cold water, nor with hot water. You will get rid of the dandruff from your hair, if you live normally.

I would recommend you to always carry one comb in your pocket and your hair to always be at the back. This will help you a lot with regards to the health.

When the head is covered with hairs, then magnetism functions very well, and when the head goes bald, people get nervous.

People have tried lots of methods for restoring their hair. You, by concentrating your mind, say: “God, let my hair grow and thicken a little” and you will have a result sooner than by the other methods. Most often hair loss is due to anxiety.

Hair loss medications Canada is due to anxieties, fears, and faults.

Sometimes hair turns gray also as a result of too much knowledge, but, most often, of big concerns. Sometimes hair turns grey from nonsense, sometimes of great intelligence. It may turn grey in 24 hours, but it may turn black also in 24 hours.

Why do the hairs on your head grow? When the warmth in man is bigger, the hairs on his head grow. When the warmth begins to decrease, hairs fall.

Once a person loses his magnetism, hair falls. If the warmth is more than it is needed, your hair will be curled, wrinkled. People, whose hair is too wrinkled, are very stubborn.

If you lived a quiet life, your hairs could grow such as they have to be. If you touch the hair of a holy person, this will give you peace buy Levitra in Canada. The saint has gathered energy from the Sun.

If you do not feel well, fondle your hair and you will immediately feel power and comfort. If you think good, you will have nice hair. Think good to change the hairs on your head.

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