Hair Loss – Top Five Herbal Remedies

Your hair is your crowning glory; any damage to it results in a loss of self-confidence and a feeling of unattractiveness. There are a lot of commercial as well as medicated products available in our market to combat hair fall. But the truth is that most of these do not work and also end up causing more harm to the hair because of the undesirable chemicals present in it.

Here are the top five herbal remedies that can help you address hair loss;

Aloe Vera – Used by the natives, this plant has a range of health benefits, one of which is to prevent hair fall and make it thick, shiny and beautiful. Rub a little aloe Vera gel onto your scalp every day night and if necessary, wash it off in the morning. Research studies have shown that this plant contains superoxide dismutane and can also boost the level of nitric oxide in the body, both of which can stimulate hair growth and also cure male alopecia.

Green Tea – This Chinese tea has proven to be quite remarkable in its action against male pattern baldness and hair loss. You can either take it in the tea form or consume it as tablets. Catechins present in green tea has an inhibitory action on the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase which is the culprit involved in the formation of DHT.

Bell Pepper – Take the flesh of the red pepper and apply this directly to the scalp. This helps in the release of histamines which in turn stimulates the supply of blood and nutrients to the scalp there by promoting hair growth.

Dong Quai – Another Chinese traditional medicine, Dong Quai is also known as Angelica. This herb is especially recommended for use in women and contains phytoestrogens which is very beneficial in boosting hair growth and also addressing alopecia.

Nettle Root – In Chinese medicine, nettle root is often used in combination with Saw Palmetto. If you cannot get the herb as such, buy these in the capsule form from Chinese stores. Mix the oils together and then apply on the scalp. These herbs help in inhibiting the action of DHT which is the main causative factor of male pattern baldness. A word of caution though; it is not recommended for use in pregnant and nursing mothers.

So if you are looking for a healthy way to regain back your beautiful hair and combat hair loss, then try out these herbal remedies at the earliest.

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