Tips for Using Cinnamon to Promote Hair Regrowth


If you are suffering from hair loss, like so many millions of United States citizens, there are three things you need to do:

  1. Determine what is causing the loss of your hair. There are many things that can cause your hair to fall out such as stress, medicines and heredity which are just a few things that can cause the loss of your hair.
  2. Next you want to find a way to stop your hair loss by removing the cause. For example, you can remove the stress and change medicines, if this is what causing your hair to fall out. But it is a little more tricky if it is caused by heredity. In this case you can use one of two Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved medicines to stop hair loss, Minoxidil or Finasteride.
  3. Last you want to re-grow your hair after you have stopped your hair loss. There are many herbal supplements and vitamins on the market that you can use to re-grow the hair you have lost.

Cinnamon For Hair Growth

Did you know that one method used by people to re-grow their hair is cinnamon? Some people swear by it and here are some methods they use cinnamon to re-grow their hair.

  • Cinnamon and Honey– This method requires you to mix a couple of tablespoons of honey with a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon powder in enough olive oil to make a paste. You then apply this to your scalp and let set on your scalp for fifteen minutes. Then using a professional shampoo, rinse the mixture off.
  • Cinnamon Oil– Cinnamon oil can be found in some commercial product shampoos. So rather than using cinnamon oil directly, which you can if you want, use a shampoo that contains this type of oil.
  • Chinese Remedy– There is an ancient Chinese drink that mixes cinnamon with various Chinese herbs to help promote hair growth. Some of the herbs used in the concoction besides cinnamon are oyster shells, licorice and dragon bone. Good luck finding some dragon bone.

How It Works

Not much research has been done on cinnamon and hair growth. But people who have used cinnamon and claim it has grown their hair believe it allows more blood flow to the scalp. This is similar to how Minoxidil works. It too increases the flow of blood to the scalp allowing for more nutrients to the hair and hair follicle.

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