Do Herbs Really Stop Hair Fall?

Many people spend a lot on prescription medicines, hair restoration procedures, hair loss formulas and many other remedies for hair loss without knowing that the real cure is already there in your cupboard. Chinese herbs have long been known to remedy so many types of ailments or disease. Chemists, scientists and laymen are depending on herbs when it comes to stopping hair fall. Chinese herbs treat the whole body while treating hair loss. They believe that hair loss is indication of ill-health of the body. Hence they try to improve blood circulation and memory power as well while addressing the hair loss problem. No other culture is better in treating hair loss than the Chinese people because they have knowledge about these useful herbs.

Chinese people has been very successful in discovering various herbs that can regulate blood flow to the scalp, slow down hair graying, nourish dull hair and most of all stop hair fall. Here are some herbal recipes that can improve the overall quality of your hair in terms of strength, thickness and health.

Sage TeaWash you hair with sage tea and apple cider vinegar. Most Chinese women attested that this recipe made their hair grow. You may also add chamomile infusions to sage tea when you are in your last rinse to stop the itchiness.

Aloe – Another effective herbal recipe is any mixture of herbs with aloe such as birch leaves, watercress, stinging nettle or nettles. It effectively fights off hair fall. ADP Chinese Herbal System contains all of these herbs and is a complete herbal hair care that concentrates on massage oils and added with Chinese herbal shampoo, conditioner and scalp cream. These products are already available online.

Rosemary Extract – This will surely stop hair fall. To do this, you will need to mix Rosemary, natural shampoo and hot water.

Horsetail – Massage your scalp with this mixture to help treat hair fall. Combine tinctures of horsetail, rosemary, nettle and birch. This will stimulate hair growth; improve blood circulation and clear itchy scalp.

Natural ingredients such as herbs will probably take longer to be effective, but the result is truly lasting and without any harmful side effects. Always choose natural products because products with chemicals will only harm your hair instead of treating it. Beware of those chemical products which contain herbal extracts. Always remember that herbal effect is opposed when chemicals are present in the product. Always make sure that you choose a product which is 100% natural herb extract.

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